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We Love What We Do

We love making noise and splashing paint around… and enriching the collective souls of audiences around the world… whether in concert halls, churches, music clubs, prisons, theaters, store fronts or at corporate or charity events, festivals, country fairs or neighborhood street parties, birthday or wedding celebrations or even funerals and memorial services. You name a kind of venue (or event)… and we have probably had a ‘party in it’.

But we want to help you… so please tell us What You Need

If you are not sure what to ask for then go to our Contact Us page and send us an email and then we can start a conversation.

Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions...

Our Event is pretty small… so… can you still help us?

No event is too small for us. Repeat… no event is too small.

We have actually designed and performed a concert for an audience of one. This was for someone who was quite ill and needed some cheering up.

Did we mention that No event is too small for us?

Often it is the small events, with everyone gathered together, that are the most satisfying for one and all.

For Example…

We recently collaborated with the McCrary Foundation to stage one little concert at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (for 5 kids and their parents) and another outside event… an open mic afternoon in an inner city Park for anyone passing by. These events were so much fun. We made a kind of Karaoke performance for both, learning songs on the fly as the kids (and parents) called out their favorite songs to be sung. There was much laughter… from us… and the audience… and a few good old fashioned sing-alongs to boot.

What does a  Party For The Soul look like?

Plain and simple… it is an evening (or afternoon) of music, songs, stories and or live art… performed in a venue of your choosing; which could be a living room or garden, your place of work, your favorite coffee shop or art gallery, Church, town square, college… you choose.

Another way to look at it would be: You are adding ‘our party’… to your existing event; a wedding, a charity fundraiser, a corporate event, a dinner party, a Church celebration service.

Often… it is like one big (casual) dinner party with us thrown into the mix.

Audiences can range from just a few people… to a few thousand.

The events work best when accompanied by food and libations (sometimes provided by the host however pot luck can help create a more interactive gathering). Unless otherwise stated the concert-party is by invitation only e.g. friends, partners, supporters and neighbors of the host.

We can manage all the bookings (if you want to sell tickets) and or help you stage your venue (with lights, sound, color, artwork, candles, flowers and so on).

Some of our event hosts open their doors to all and sundry and this can be a great experience too… but this has its own risks and rewards.

FYI: For several years we ran a kind of House Concert every Thursday night in a loft space we shared with some friends in Los Angeles. At first we didn’t know but more than a handful of the people attending but we soon built up a community of over 300 regular concert goers, making a whole lot of new friends in the process.

What kind of music will you perform?

This all depends on you… It is your party don’t forget.

We have at our disposal a large community of ‘creatives’ and we can shape the event with just about any genre of music, story telling or live art you can imagine. If we are in ‘story telling mode’ then we tend to share songs and stories about our life journey… with a varied song mix of singer-songwriter, blues, gospel, jazz, rock and Americana material.

We like to perform some original material, some of which has been featured on network TV shows… as well as our favorite cover tunes… and of course we usually learn a few songs for our hosts too.

If you give us a green light to ‘do our thing’… then we will err on a blend of gospel, rhythm and blues and ‘chill’ music. Its kind of like… Paul Simon and Aretha Franklin kick the night off, they go to Church for a bit and end up relaxing in a lounge with James Taylor and Nora Jones. Here’s a sample…

How Many are in the Band?

It all depends on the size of the space, how many people are attending … and the available financial resources.  A solo performance by a singer songwriter can be ‘just perfect’ for a small gathering… and… as we add more singers and musicians to the mix, the repertoire will get a little funkier and more bluesy… and definitely louder.

What is the cost of a Party Event?

There is no fixed price for our events.

If a community is in need of our help and does not have the ability to pay for an event, then we either raise funds for the event (through the generosity of sponsors, performers and or partners) or we work with that community to sell tickets and or gather support from local businesses.

If a community has sufficient funding then we design an event (with musicians, singers and other artists and any production, travel or hospitality costs) with these resources in mind.

Sometimes we manage the entire event from start to finish; renting a venue and underwriting all the creative, production and hospitality costs. We might sell tickets and or raise additional funding to pay for the event. We have self funded more than 200 events like this, all over the world.

However, as a guide for smaller events. e.g. for a solo performer (in LA), we ask for a minimum fee of $350 per person, (Mon-Thurs) and $500 (Fr-Sun).  Some of our performers and artists have a higher fee (based on their notoriety and popularity) and so the make up of each band or team will be subject to the budget and or availability.

Out of town events will incur some travel and accommodation expenses (though we have been known to stay with event hosts… which is usually a hoot). Events with more than 15 people, usually require a small sound system. This would cost (on average) an additional $200.

FYI: We manage all of our events through Planted by The Water, a charitable organization based in Los Angeles. While any ticketing prices must go towards the event costs, we are able to raise additional funding (if need be) at an event via an auction (artwork and other merchandise) and or by requesting donations, which will be tax deductible to all US residents.

OK… I’m in… how do I book an event?

Lets start with you reaching out to us through our Contact Us page… and then we can chat about the particulars.