About Us

Party For The Soul is the event division of Planted by The Water, a charitable organization, based in Los Angeles California. We use art, music, story telling and hospitality to enrich, inspire and celebrate life within communities around the world… to foster a spiritual well being… a refreshing of the soul.

We are a collaborative of musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, story tellers, fine artists, script writers, film makers, chefs, sommeliers, teachers, disaster relief workers, friends and helpers.

We work with local or civic communities, other charitable organizations, prison authorities, schools, colleges, Hospitals, local businesses and Churches around the world to create custom events, based on our shared resources and or any specific need. We also partner with artists like Tom Clark to stage truly collaborate art and music events in the hope of stirring up the creative expressions within both the general public and the local musician-artist communities. Where ever possible, we include local musicians, artists and story tellers in our events… to honor, to encourage and to inspire them to keep on making ‘art’.. no matter the circumstances.

Timberlake(lores)We like to focus on the celebration of life within communities and to help stage events that are simply the ‘best ever’. However, we can also dig a little deeper into the soul of a community to fill some of the void… for those suffering a debilitating illness or from the effects of either poverty or a natural disaster or, the death of a loved one.

Sometimes, when communities are in ‘survival mode’ the local artist is ignored, and or, good people simply forget how much healing or wellness there is in art, music, aesthetics and hospitality.

And so we pool together our talents, skills, our passions and our networks to create unique events, large and small and to help people celebrate a rich full life. We believe that ‘art’ in its purest form… restores the broken-hearted, lifts the souls of the tired and weary, gives peace and comfort to those who mourn and stirs up hope for those who have no hope at all.

Planted by the Water, founded by Chris Falson, is a non-profit 501c3 charitable organization based in Los Angeles California.

Our mailing address is: PO Box 48316, Los Angeles, CA, 90048, USA